Every Day Carry

“FLATPACK” Tourniquet Carrier

What’s the BEST tourniquet?  The one you are carrying, of course. I feel just as naked without some sort of tourniquet on my person as I do without my guns……or my pants.  I firmly believe if you carry a firearm, you damn sure better carry a TQ as well.  The problem that many of us who

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Green Ops Low Light Pistol Clinic “Half-clASS” Review

Green Ops Low Light Pistol Clinic, my “half-clASS” review! For this AAR, I’m only telling HALF the story.  You’ll have to take the Green Ops Low Light Pistol Clinic to hear, and see, the rest.  I wanted to write this brief AAR from the perspective of a student who might be a little apprehensive about

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