Every Day Carry

“FLATPACK” Tourniquet Carrier

What’s the BEST tourniquet?  The one you are carrying, of course.

I feel just as naked without some sort of tourniquet on my person as I do without my guns……or my pants.  I firmly believe if you carry a firearm, you damn sure better carry a TQ as well.  The problem that many of us who carry firearms share is that we start to run out of real estate after we strap on our extra magazines, flashlights, knives, batons, multi-tools, tomahawks, etc.

Enter the PHLSTER FLATPACK Tourniquet Carrier.  I have used the FLATPACK to carry both the C.A.T. and  SOF-T Wide tourniquets.  Both TQ’s fit very flat, snug, and secure using the FLATPACK.

You can customize your FLATPACK with the High-Viz Deployment Tabs that are included with each tourniquet carrier.  You can use them as a set, or as a single pull-tab.  I tried them for a while but switched back to not using either.  Personal preference, of course.

The FLATPACK is also MOLLE compatible.  Simply remove the soft belt loops and screw on a short MALICE clip, then you’re good-to-go for a battle belt or plate carrier.

I stay away from all the “Tourniquet Drama” on the interwebs.  Whenever a customer asks me about the “best” tourniquet to carry, I always answer, “The one you are ALWAYS carrying!”

PHLSTER FLATPACK TQ Holders are now available at F3 Tactical.