Green Ops Low Light Pistol Clinic “Half-clASS” Review

Green Ops Low Light Pistol Clinic, my “half-clASS” review!

For this AAR, I’m only telling HALF the story.  You’ll have to take the Green Ops Low Light Pistol Clinic to hear, and see, the rest.  I wanted to write this brief AAR from the perspective of a student who might be a little apprehensive about taking a low light class.  After all, the dark can be scary! 

With Green Ops, your fears will be alleviated.  They don’t just throw you into a dark room and say, “ok, hope you have a good flashlight, now start shooting!”  This course begins, very appropriately, in the classroom.  Topics discussed include problems with reduced light, how darkness affects vision, lights as control tools and much more.  After some Q&A with the Green Ops instructors, and a safety brief, the students then move out onto the range.


The first part of the firing portion of this course is a “Qualifier” with the range lights on.  The qualifier shoot is more of a safety check than anything else, where students demonstrate that they can safely handle their firearms and hit their targets with relative accuracy at 7 yards.  This is a smart way to gauge the students gun handling competence prior to reducing the light levels on the range.


Next, again with the lights on, Green Ops instructors demonstrate several types of flashlight carrying techniques.  This portion is ALL dryfire, and there is ample time for each student to practice each technique, with the lights on, and with instructors readily available for any questions about the different light deployment methods being taught in this clinic.


Then, the lights go out, and you’ll have to sign up with Green Ops to find out more about that portion of the Low Light Pistol Clinic.

My point of this short review is; This Green Ops course is a really great way to get your feet wet in a low light shooting environment.  It’s an important skillset to have for those of us who ALWAYS carry, day or night, and the Green Ops crew will bring you along slowly, but very surely into the light!

Check out the Green ops training schedule, here:  https://www.green-ops.com/training-schedule.html