Velocity Systems/Mayflower Research&Consulting “Range Shorts”



I was fortunate enough to get a pair of “Range Shorts” for T&E from the good folks at Velocity Systems/Mayflower Research & Consulting LLC. These shorts are a LOT more than just “Range Shorts” they are “EVERYWHERE” shorts! A set of short-pants with LOTS of pockets is a necessity for dorks like me who carry two knives, flashlight, handgun, spare 9mm magazine, pepper spray and an expandable baton daily. I tend to run out of room quickly in regular shorts, and while wearing them on a hot summer day I need an efficient way to carry all my kit.


Let me tell you what melba toast is packin’ right here; The “Range Shorts” have, by my count, 13 individual pockets including the cargo sections which can act as two separate AR15 magazine pockets or open up into one large pocket that might be good for a poncho, canteen, or other, larger pieces of kit. I have also found that the M4 magazine pouches also hold AK magazines well. The front pockets are slanted nicely for carrying clipped EDC like a knife or flashlight. I use my “Range Shorts” as a sub-load for when I’m heading to 7/11 for a 40 Oz, to the bank or grocery store, or when I just feel like showing off my legs to my neighbors when taking out the trash.


50% nylon / 50% Cotton and made in the USA, these “Range Shorts” are basically a chest rig for your mid-section. If I decide to invade Rhode Island, I’ll be good-to-go in these wonder britches. Those yuppies won’t know what hit em’!!!


Special Thanks to Velocity Systems/Mayflower Research&Consulting for allowing me to give the “Range Shorts” a workout!!!